Sexual Harassment Scandal (Disclosing the Name of The Harasser)

“REVENGE, REVENGE, REVENGE!” This is what my female colleagues, sisters, lawyer, and even physician were asking from me. “This pig needs to be publicly humiliated,” they told me. “Do it girl! Do it for us! Do it for you!” they shouted. “We will support you!” they promised.

“Men need to pay for this!” they said angrily. “It’s not only about you; it’s about us!”.

Sexual Harassment (15 Strategies For Dealing With a Morally Corrupted Boss)

About one year ago I quit my job. I realized I had been working for a company that didn’t give a shit about me. (I’m sure it sounds familiar!)

My boss would have rather slapped my ass and have me call him “daddy” than talk about work.

I wanted to make a difference; he wanted to stick his dick inside my mouth.

Safe to say that we had different world views — and when they collided it was him who was left with a metaphorical penis-taste inside his mouth.

This article is about a personal experience. Expect some toxic lines directed towards men. I promise to restrain myself and stick to facts…. I won’t succeed.

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

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