Cucumber Dildo Dilemma – How to Put a Cucumber in Your Vagina Without Hurting Yourself

A quick Google search for “sexual accidents during masturbation” gives you an incredible list of the most shameful ways to visit the emergency room.

And surprise, surprise.

95% of the heroes who come to the ER with a bottle of Coke up their ass are men.

This makes one wonder if a man really landed on the moon, and if so — how?

How to Make Any Man Your Bitch (5 Simple Hacks)

Imagine you’re in a relationship and you find a little book in a drawer.

The title reads “Jim’s User Manual: An Introduction into Jim’s Darkest Fears and Deepest Desires”.

Gasp! Your boyfriend’s name is Jim.

This book is the key to Jim’s mind.

Would you read it? And more important, would you use it to manipulate him?