If you needed a better reason to go to Hawaii other than Hawaii itself, now you have it.

Scientists have found an orange mushroom in recent Hawaiian lava flows that can induce spontaneous orgasms in women just from the odor it gives off.

That’s right, girls.

This fungus can instantly induce an earth-shattering orgasm when you sniff it.

Now, if you imagine the smell to be pleasant, you’re in for a stinky surprise. The odor is closer to a -man’s sweaty gym clothes forgotten in a locker for three days.

In the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, the discoverers of the orange fungus, John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, concluded that while half of the women climaxed from the smell, all the men tested were disgusted by the fetid odor.

Whether or not a mushroom can make women orgasm is not the point. There is zero scientific evidence outside this study that an orgasm can be triggered solely by a scent, and yet, this study got me thinking.

I believe that this little Hawaiian Mushroom has taught us that women deny their nature. We often kid ourselves into thinking that we want our men to smell like Acqua Di Gio, when, in fact, we’re nuts about their sweat. 

Not in a crowded bus, but in bed.

So next time you want to jump directly into the shower after sex, think again. The sweaty skin of your partner might make you more orgasmic.

Male sweat contains a compound that appears to boost women’s mood, sexual arousal, and stress hormone levels.

So says Claire Wyart, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley Olfactory Research Project, and colleagues.

In short, the cosmetics people use might make them less attractive in the eyes nose of their lovers in a sexual situation.

Now you probably understand why guys compliment the way you smell after sex.

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