Yes, you can orgasm while working out.

This will be by far the most pleasurable and intense workout you’ve ever done. 

Lucy's Orgasmic Workout

Why should you use orgasms in your workout?

During orgasms, your muscles tighten much more than during a regular workout. As a result, you will have quicker results in less time.

So if your answer to “How are you?” is always “Busy,” then this is the fitness program you’ve been craving.

It’s a high-energy, mood-boosting workout that makes it a cinch to lose weight, firm up, and look great — without putting your schedule on overload!

Why can’t you keep your commitment to train regularly?

Because you’re human… But there is a cure for that. You’ll learn how to make this routine part of your day-to-day life and silence the fat blue unicorn that lives inside your brain and pushes you to go inside the bakery, hold a fake gun to the salesgirl’s head and shout, ‘Give me all the sprinkles frosted doughnuts you have’. I named my blue unicorn Butterchup…

Created by me, Lucy, The 10-Minute Orgasmic Workout shuts up Butterchup and brings you the most entertaining and efficient workout, without a trainer’s expensive price tag. It also teaches you how to set and keep your goals.


Lucy's Orgasmic Workout
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    • LucyReply

      Hey Linnie,

      Synthetic fabrics, as well as dyes, can be irritating. This is why your best choice for undies is a pair of loose, white cotton knickers. They let your vagina breathe. Also, lose the undies at night to prevent too much heat and moist retention – and prevent a vaginal infection.

      Good luck with the workout,

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