[Quiz] What Do Your Shopping Skills Say About You?

You've seen an outfit that looks great on the display window and decide to try it on. When the curtain draws back the sales assistant peeks in to marvel. “Wow, that looks great on you!”

How do you respond?

How to Make Any Man Your Bitch (5 Simple Hacks)

Imagine you’re in a relationship and you find a little book in a drawer.

The title reads “Jim’s User Manual: An Introduction into Jim’s Darkest Fears and Deepest Desires”.

Gasp! Your boyfriend’s name is Jim.

This book is the key to Jim’s mind.

Would you read it? And more important, would you use it to manipulate him?

How are Pavlov’s Dogs and the Little Albert Experiment Connected to Orgasms?

You’ve probably heard of Pavlov’s drooling dogs. In his experiment, the Russian scientist found that when he rang a bell each time before he fed a dog, the dog no longer salivated in response to the food, but also to the bell.

When an animal encounters food, saliva starts to pour from the salivary glands located in the back of its oral cavity. This saliva is needed in order to make the food easier to swallow.

It’s the same reflex women encounter when they are performing oral sex. Spit production goes through the roof.

Four million years of human evolution and our brain still isn’t able to distinguish between a sausage and a penis. Intelligent design my ass. 

Still, why do I care about drooling dogs? I don’t. But I care about classical conditioning and how The Little Albert experiment made my friend, Eve, orgasm on demand by pinching her nipples

7 Orgasms in 30 Minutes — A Provocative Guide

Orgasm Hackers are not orgasm junkies. As a matter of fact, we can go without an orgasm for hours — mostly during funerals and weddings — they both turn us off badly.

Ok, for female standards, we masturbate a lot. But who wants to compare themselves with women either way?

If you really want to kick ass, you should compete with men, right? Well, for male standards we masturbate just the right amount — and we are proud of it.

This story is about Eve, a world-class Ohacker, who went from hating sex to having seven orgasms in half an hour.