They say you should use your toothbrush twice a day. But that was before the invention of the toothbrush vibrator. Now you use it until you drain the batteries!

No kiddin’.

It might be the 20 orgasms talking, but WOW! What a great time to be alive.

So, ok! No, I’m not high.

Just a bit excited because of this new thing I found out.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, but OMG!!! “Did you know that you can use your toothbrush to masturbate?” And I don’t mean in the lame iPhone vibration way. I mean in the cool shower orgasm way.

You did know that… Ok, well… Good for you.

Because I didn’t.

So anyway. Don’t steal my thunder!

Apparently, there are several ways of using your toothbrush as Ryan Gosling’s tongue, but the most effective way is by getting an attachment specially designed for it.


One of them is the Viberry, which is supposed to feel like a tongue because it moves from side to side.

Such an understatement! 

Frankly, I have yet to meet the guy who can move his tongue as fast as the Vibbery.

And when I will, I’ll marry him!


Click, click, click… Who’s pussy should I lick?

The other one is the ‘tingletip’, which I guess is supposed to tingle?

Although, I’m not sure that’s what I want to be tingled during sex, but ok.

Let’s keep an open mind.

This one is pretty much like a normal toothbrush, but instead of the bristles, it has a smooth surface.

It doesn’t really vibrate, it rotates.

Do they work?

Hell ya!

What struck me the most was the power.

With 8.800 rotations per minute, the toothbrush is quite strong. Keep in mind that the almighty Magic Wand goes up to 6.000 RPM.

However, the “horse” power of the toothbrush is not all that matters.

The Viberry is muuuuch more powerful than the ‘tingletip.’

Possibly because the Viberry is attached directly to the engine while the ‘tingletip’ is basically a regular toothbrush head without the hair.


What should I expect?

A lot of vibrators that are designed to look like other everyday gadgets (bullet massagers, lipstick vibrators, hot dog… whatever) suck. They have very weak vibrations and they do NOTHING for me.

Zero. Nada. Nichts. Niente.

Not the Viberry.

Holy cow that berry goes right to the point. No foreplay, no “Hello!”


Honestly, that’s exactly what I want.

If I want a romantic bubble bath with candles, I have my hubby… or the shower.

But for a quick battery charge, I can always rely on the Viberry. In around 1 to 2 minutes I’m all smiles and rainbows.

It’s like riding a unicorn… it makes your day.

The ‘tigletip’ is a bit too mellow for me in this regard… Not bad… but a wee boring.


What did I like the most?

That I can take it anywhere!

If I want an angry guy flapping my dildo up in the air yelling, 

“Young lady, is this thing yours?” I’d visit my dad.

Traveling with a vibrator is tricky, especially if you only have a hand luggage. 

I’m open-minded and all, but even if I don’t care about airport security, a decent vibrator takes too much space.  

That’s why it’s so super convenient to have this attachment with you.

Most times, I don’t even want to use the vibrator when I’m traveling. But there are some instances when I really regret not having it with me. (First world issues, I know!)

This toothbrush-vibrator solution really solves that problem for me.

What did my BF like the most?

The size. Haha!

But also, the shape.

The long handle makes it super easy to reach the clitoris no matter the position. This is very hard with other vibrators because they are either too thick or too small.



What to consider:

Both toys are pretty much straight-to-the-point kind of vibrators. You’ll know how to use them once you lay hands on them.

Creayta Ltd, the brainchild behind the ‘tingletip’, recommends using a water-based lubricant on the clitoris prior to applying the tool to the desired area.

The Viberry recommends to keep your underwear on, which I find pretty cool, since, at first, I was a bit grossed out by the idea of masturbating with my toothbrush. This makes it quite hygenic! Yay!

On the negative side, just like any ordinary toothbrush, the device can be a bit noisy. I don’t mind at all, but I thought it’s worth mentioning.

Which toothbrush should you buy?

I have to admit, I like to give this product as a gift.

I just think it’s a fabulously simple way of getting an orgasm and we all need more of those.

When I offer it as a gift, I get the Oral-B Vitality (non-affiliate Amazon link). It’s affordable, rechargeable, and ON SALE quite often.

My girlfriends were very pleased with the gift so far.

And the winner is…

Both products are fun and easy to use, but I personally liked the Viberry more.

Mainly because of the power. What can I say? I like it rough.

But also because of the design. It just looks better.


GOOD NEWS! Viberry contacted me and offered a Free Shipping Discount to all my readers.

Use the code “OHACKERS” when you buy. 

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  1. KeriReply

    Viberry really helped me through some depressing times. Glad those are over. I think all women should have some sort of vibrator. It’s so helpful for your mental health.

  2. LeanoraReply

    WOW!!! How many orgasms did you guys have with this viberry thing! I’m in awe. I think I had around 15 in about 20 minutes

  3. JinnyReply

    The viberry works better because it harnesses all the power of the toothbrush. All other attachments (and there are some other ones on Amazon) are just JOKES. They don’t work. Better use the toothbrush as it is than spend the money on that junk.

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