They say you should use your toothbruh twice a day. But that was before the invention of the toothbrush vibrator. 


Tingletip and Viberry are both attachments designed to fit on top of your electric toothbrush and act as clitoral stimulators. Here’s a short video presenting how one of them works:

Since I already have an Oral-B toothbrush I thought I’ll give it a try. So here is my toothbrush masturbating experience.


Does it work?

Hell ya! What struck me the most was the power. The Viberry much more powerful than the ‘tingletip’ possibly because the Viberry is attached directly to the engine while the ‘tingletip’ is basically a regular toothbrush head without bristles.

A toothbrush vibrator is not just a gimmick; it can be a truly effective vibrator.

With 8.800 rotations per minute, the toothbrush is quite powerful. Keep in mind that the allmighty Magic Wand goes up to 6.000 RPM.

What to expect

A lot of vibrators that are designed to look like other everyday gadgets (bullet massagers, lipstick vibrators, hot dog… whatever). The issue? They have very weak vibrations.

Not the toothbrush vibrator. As I said before — it’s STRONG!

The whole power of the toothbrush is concentrated exactly where you want it — at the point of contact. The best part is that the handle doesn’t vibrate, so you can enjoy yourself without getting distracted.


What I liked the most

Traveling with a vibrator can turn into a humiliating nightmare if you go with a hand luggage through airport security. The last thing I want is some guy holding up a pink dildo asking if it belongs to me. 

In this regard, both the ‘tingletip’ and the Viberry are as innocent as a lamb but as wild as a tiger.

The Viberry really looks like it could be anything other than a vibrator. And even if someone finds it on your toothbrush you can always play the “neck-massager” card. As for the ‘tingletip’… it could totally be a gum massager…

What my hubby liked the most

The size. Haha!

Some vibrators look like instruments of torture and can be intimidating, especially for men. It’s understandable. I also wouldn’t feel comfortable if my husband had a blow-up doll looking like Scarlett Johanson.

Both toys are small, discreet, and cute. And not at all threatening. This explains what manufacturers P&D Interactive have already stated on their website, that 68% of their customers are men.


And the winner is…

Both products are fun and easy to use, but I personally liked the Viberry more.

Mainly because of the power. What can I say? I like it rough.

But also because of the design. It just looks better.

What to consider:

Both toys are pretty much straight-to-the-point kind of vibrators. You’ll know how to use them once you lay hands on them.

Creayta Ltd, the brainchild behind the mighty Tingletip (buy here), recommends using a water-based lubricant on the clitoris prior to applying the tool to the desired area.

The Viberry recommends to keep your underwear on, which I find pretty cool, since, at first, I was a bit grossed out by the idea of masturbating with my toothbrush. This makes it quite hygenic! Yay!

On the negative side, just like any ordinary toothbrush, the device can be a wee bit noisy.

However, it’s certainly affordable and worth getting even if you don’t own a toothbrush. You can get an Oral-B Vitality for as little as $17 if you want a rechargeable brush. Or an Oral-B Advanced Power 400 for $9 if you don’t mind having a battery-powered brush.

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